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Chasing After the Unknown

...While in the Dark

13 February
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Hey, my name's Talia. My LJ name is what it is, because well, I'm not so tall. Corny, I know, but at the time it seemed fitting. Unfortunatly, it still applies today :) I'm a huge fan of mainly two things: Incubus and Supernatural. Looking at my journal, surely one could tell. I've decided to make this journal into a semi-friends only [journal]. Entries with the tag, "speaketh", will typically have bloggish things in it. Same goes for "icons", "spn", and "incubus". It's the little bit of organization that I do provide.
Feel free to friend me to keep track of some things (how flattering!).
I'll friend you back if we have something in common :)

Thanks to burningnight for making this.
Thanks to famineghost for making my moodtheme.